H.265 Library Conversion - Encode your whole library

As H.265 / HEVC becomes more prevalent, the desire grows to save massive disk space by converting your entire library to H.265.  For many things, this is pretty doable. H265 does a fantastic job encoding video into small files at lower bitrates with decent file quality. However, you need some decent quality source files for this to be viable.  If your library contains mainly xvids, don't bother. Those will not convert well. If your library contains high quality high bitrate H.264 files, there's a great chance you can greatly benefit from a full library H.265 encode.  


Our Batch Encoders

We offer two batch encoders. Both of these use your CPU for the process. Our semi-online batch encoder allows you to select a single folder of files and your encode options from our website, then download a bat file that encodes each of these files while you go off and do other things. Our advanced user full batch x265 encoder allows you to encode a whole drive and folders recursively from H.264 to H.265.

Encoding an entire library will take a lot of time. Even using our semi-online batch encoder at normal settings, an intel i7 7700k class CPU will get around 40 FPS on 1080p content and around 90 FPS on 720p content. If you're trying to encode a folder of TV shows say 45 minutes each, 22 episodes 1080p, you are looking at about 4 episodes per hour.

To be continued...