Batch x265 Encoder

Encodex265 is our batch video encoder (Windows only). It is a command line interface front end into ffmpeg. Encodex265.exe is perfect for converting an entire drive of x264 files to x265. It also can be used to monitor your files daily and encode only the new x264 files to x265 to keep your library updated in x265 format. Our program does not require any installation. Just place the files in a folder and go.


If you want to encode your library to x265, you have a few choices. One is to use our semi-online batch encoder to encode your files a single folder at a time. The other is to use this tool to encode your entire library at once. Note, this can take a very long time depending on the size of your files, the power of your computer, and the encode settings. Therefore, this tool is considered to be for expert users only. However, if you already understand what's involved in encoding x265 and just want a tool to help you encode the files, this is the tool for you. Encodex265.exe will scan a folder you specify and its subfolders. It will find only x264 files and queue them up to be encoded to x265.

    Options include
  • Specify the number of days back to search. Useful for keeping your library up-to-date with daily downloads or tv recordings.
  • Filter the extension - only encode mkv files or only mp4 files.
  • Filter the size. Only reencode files that are smaller than a specific filesize.
  • Use our built in command line or specify your own ffmpeg command line for full customization of encoding.


Encodex265.exe -days X -dir X -ext X -minsize X -config X {-docurrent} {-scanonly}
-days Xthe amount of days to scan, example -days 3 for the last 3 days. By default we do not do the last two days. Add -docurrent to end of command line to do current>
-dir Xthe dir to scan. Example -dir \\server\n\tv or c:\mymovies
-ext Xthe file extension without the period. Example -ext mkv or -ext *
-minsize Xthe minimum size in MB. Optional. Leaving this out will result in no size filter. Example: -minsize 1000 for 1GB.
-config Xpath to ffmpeg config file. This is optional If it exists, it has the ffmpeg command line with %1 in place of input file and %2 in place of output file
    example: ffmpeg -i %1 -sn -c:v libx265 -preset superfast -crf 19 -x265-params deblock=-4,0 -c:a copy %2
-docurrentif present at end of command line, will include the last two days in the scan. Otherwise, -days option skips the last two days. These are left out so auto downloaders such as sonarr have a chance to get better versions or propers before we take over the file.
-scanonlyif present at end of command line, will print out files to be processed but no encoding will be done. Perfect if you just want to see the list of files that will be encoded quickly.


Encode all MKV files larger than 600mb uploaded in last two days including today in my movies:
encodex265.exe -days 2 -dir "c:\users\mark\My Movies" -minsize 600 -ext mkv -docurrent

Great for daily encode updates for an already-encoded library to keep it up-to-date in x265 format. This is useful for running as a scheduled task in windows task scheduler. Here, we will encode all new files every 5 days, but wait for 2 days before touching a file:
encodex265.exe -days 5 -dir "c:\my tv shows" -ext *

Daily Task Scheduler

To use this program to run daily to keep your already encoded library up-to-date as x265, you can use the windows task scheduler. To do so in Windows 10, drop encodex265.exe into a folder along with ffmpeg.exe. Open the windows task scheduler by clicking the start menu button and typing "scheduled" then click on "Scheduled Tasks". Here, create a new scheduled task with actions similar to this which encodes all mkv files in \\server\g\archivedtv to x265 downloaded in the last 5 days leaving the last 2 days alone. This runs daily at 11AM:
Program/script"C:\Users\mark\Documents\Daily Encodes\EncodeNew.exe"
Add Arguments-days 5 -dir \\server\g\archivedtv -ext mkv
Start InC:\Users\mark\Documents\Daily Encodes
Here is what your scheduled task might look like


Download encodex265.exe here:

Download ffmpeg.exe here: