About Us

www.ConvertThisFile.com was founded with the goal of providing an easy to use free online conversion tool. We strive to make converting your files online as easy and quick as possible. Our site is currently totally free to use, but to accomplish this we do place a few ads on our page. Like you, we aren't fans of getting spammed with ads while we view webpages, so we do our best to keep this to a minimum for you! Converting files, especially images and video, can get very server intensive and costly. We appreciate your understanding and love that you have chosen our website to convert your files online!

We are always adding new files to be converted and welcome any suggestions. Contact Us anytime to request an online file conversion we currently don't support, but you frequently need!

ConvertThisFile.com is always looking for talented backend engineers! If you feel you have the skillset to work on file conversion algorithms Contact Us with your resume and why you would be a good fit!