Batch Video Converter

This is our batch video converter tool. It is a semi-online tool. What is a semi-online conversion tool? The user-interface is online while the video conversion process, itself, will take place on your own computer. There is no software needed to install to use this tool! Instead, all you have to do is set the configuration options here on this page, click submit, and downloaded file to run the encode process.

Our conversion tool uses ffmpeg. This does not require any installation. You will need to save ffmpeg on your computer system somewhere - you won't need to install it just save it. By default, most web browsers will download it to the user's download directory. You can also place it in the folder where you wish to batch encode your files. You can delete it when the encode has finished if you want. At this point, only windows is supported.

Our semi-online video encoder will save you time uploading and downloading files to and from our server. But if you rather encode them one-at-a-time online you can do so by using our Online Video Conversion Tool instead.

If you need a full batch encoder to encode your library at once or keep your library encoded to x265 with daily updates, you can use our batch x265 encoder here.

Step 1 - Save this file

FFMpeg is community created software. It's home page including source code is here

Step 2 - Complete the form

Paste in the FFMPEG location, the location where you save the ffmpeg.exe file. Leave this box blank to use the same directory where the files to encode are. Use "downloads" to use the default downloads directory.
Paste in the path to the files you selected above such as c:\users\freddy\videos. (Due to browser security, we can only get the filenames not the file path so you will have to paste it here).
Need to playback on a specific device instead? Use our Profile Encoder instead.
Copy the completed files into the directory where the original files exist and delete the original files.
(OPTIONAL) - Leave blank to use input folder. If specified, output files will go here. If copy/delete is checked, the originals will be deleted as well.

Having trouble? Submit your file and a short description of your issue to our help request and we will get back to you right away!

Step 3 - Submit and Start Encode

Click convert, download and run this file.